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An early visualization of planets from space

The Planets in Planet Nomads are procedurally-generated and unlock a wide range of mysteries. You will start your journey on a single planet which will consist of many Environments, all procedurally generated, and you’ll be able to deform them as you please. Besides the ground itself, this will include mineable and destroyable world objects – trees, rocks and such

Planets may be up to 120 Km in diameter with area of 181,000 square kilometers ((almost 70,000 square miles)) in size and as expected, they are spherical. The alpha release will features 60 Km diameter planets to start with (45,200 square Km). Planets experience a day/night cycle with different day/night lengths depending on latitude and axial tilt. There will be different animals and plants on different planets.

Initially all biomes will be included in the alpha planet, travelling north and south is the most efficient method of getting from biome to biome. [1]

One of the games many Biomes.

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