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Hunger is one of the attributes that relate to your overall Survival in the game Planet Nomads. Hunger is your enemy, but being well fed is great! With full belly you regenerate health, work faster and don’t lose stamina. Hunger on the other hand negatively affects the speed of mining, cutting and welding and drains stamina much faster. At very low levels of health, you will begin to starve and your overall health will begin to drop.

To find food, look for plants and trees with white fireflies (or firefly-like) around them and a cricket-like noise. These can be harvested (E) for fruitage, seeds and herbs. However, these can be hazardous to the player if eaten raw in large amounts. Place these in an FAD machine to craft edible foods.

Do not confuse the fireflies with the orange insects which will pursue and slowly injure the player.

A common harvestable food plant
Another, smaller, food plant. A number of plants may contain harvestable produce and the design varies by biome

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