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Health is one of the attributes that relate to your overall Survival in the game Planet Nomads. Health is pretty straightforward, when it drops to zero, you drop to the ground. You can be injured by direct attacks or sustain damage over time through poison or radiation. You can heal yourself by crafting medications, regenerate life by being well fed and watered and partially by sleeping.

When severely injured your screen will start to distort (blood on the lens?) as your health drops, especially if losing health due to being attacked by an animal or falling too hard following using a jetpack. The screen distortion occurs in both first and third person view and can make it hard to see where you are going.

Icon Meaning
Health.jpg Health
Halo.jpg Halo
Heart.jpg Heart
Hunger.jpg Hunger
Stamina.jpg Stamina
Temp.jpg Temperature
Thurst.jpg Thirst
Ouch! At health 4.2, the player character is nearly dead as can be seen also by the blood on the screen

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