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Block data
Name: 3D Printer
Weight: 200

3D Printers[edit | edit source]

3D printers are one of the items that affect Utility in the game Planet Nomads. The printer is the first thing you should make in the game, as it allows the creation of a variety of components such as frames, plating, batteries etc. from raw materials such as silicon, iron, etc. These are then used to make walls, floors, machines, for your base and vehicle components. There are currently three types of 3D Printers available in the game.
The 3D Printer can be used to create Items of tier 1-4. It requires 50W of power and consumes a grid space of 2x4 blocks.

Emergency 3D Printer[edit | edit source]

The Emergency 3D Printer can later be used to build its larger, more advanced cousin the Medium 3D printer which is needed to build some additional components for machines and vehicles. The Emergency 3D Printer does not require a power source but the Medium version does.

This model consumes the double of the resources than the Compact and Medium Printers to create items.

This model has 0 Conveyor Ports.

Compact 3D Printer[edit | edit source]

A small 3D printer
This model has 2 Conveyor Ports.

Medium 3d Printer[edit | edit source]

A larger 3D Printer
This model has 2 Conveyor Ports.

The Emergency 3D Printer
Two Medium 3D Printers inside a base
3D printer with items in the inventory and items in the queue